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by ankle express

Fig. on foot. After my horse was stolen, I had to go by ankle express. It's a five-minute drive, forty minutes by ankle express.
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rug rat

Sl. a small child, especially an infant or toddler. (Also a term of address.) You got any rug rats at your house? Hey, you cute little rug rat, come over here.
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sprain one's ankle

to become pregnant. She has, ah, sprained her ankle. From the looks of her, she must have sprained her ankle some months ago.
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1. n. an attractive woman or girl. (Typically with some.) Now, there’s some ankle I’ve never seen around here before.
2. in. to walk [somewhere]. I have to ankle down to the drugstore.
3. in. to walk away from one’s employment; to leave. (see also walk.) I didn’t fire her. I told her she could ankle if she wanted.

rug rat

and ankle biter
n. a child. Hey, you cute little rug rat, come over here. I got three little ankle biters at home.
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ankle biter

See also: ankle, biter

sprain one’s ankle

tv. to become pregnant. From the looks of her, she must have sprained her ankle some months ago.
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References in classic literature ?
He was clad only in his long night-dress, and his swollen ankles and ungainly feet protruded starkly from beneath it.
The pains are clear away down to my ankles now, or I'd 'a' walked in to Starkfield on my own feet, sooner'n put you out, and asked Michael Eady to let me ride over on his wagon to the Flats, when he sends to meet the train that brings his groceries.
That they were undaunted while it swirled and eddied about their ankles, spoke well for their bravery and their discipline.
After leaving behind him the civic Tournelle* and the criminal tower, and skirted the great walls of the king's garden, on that unpaved strand where the mud reached to his ankles, he reached the western point of the city, and considered for some time the islet of the Passeur-aux-Vaches, which has disappeared beneath the bronze horse of the Pont Neuf.
He is a young man of twenty, in evening dress, very wet around the ankles.
Pierre's attire by now consisted of a dirty torn shirt (the only remnant of his former clothing), a pair of soldier's trousers which by Karataev's advice he tied with string round the ankles for warmth, and a peasant coat and cap.
He knew that his giant muscles could not part the many strands that bound his wrists and ankles, for he had strained often, but ineffectually for release.
First they removed all his weapons and then, snapping a fetter about one of the rykor's ankles, secured him to the end of one of the chains hanging from the walls.
His wiry iron-gray hair looked like hair standing on end; his bushy eyebrows curled upward toward his narrow temples; his horrid old globular eyes stared with a wicked brightness; his pointed beard hid his chin; he was covered from his throat to his ankles in a loose black garment, something between a coat and a cloak; and, to complete him, he had a club foot.
But they had no other clothing except their hairy skins, although many wore gold and silver bangles on their front wrists and bands of different metals on their rear ankles.
Bradley examined the knots that held the rope to their ankles, and feeling them secure directed the girl to mount the back of the leading Wieroo, himself upon the other.
Hold him up by the ankles and shake him," said the King; "then give him a check for forty-two million tumtums and put him to death.
They did not remove their foot-gear, though the water was icy cold - so cold that their ankles ached and their feet went numb.
Here they threw me upon the ground, binding my ankles together and trussing them up to my wrists behind.
And Korsunsky began waltzing with measured steps straight towards the group in the left corner, continually saying, "Pardon, mesdames, pardon, pardon, mesdames"; and steering his course through the sea of lace, tulle, and ribbon, and not disarranging a feather, he turned his partner sharply round, so that her slim ankles, in light transparent stockings, were exposed to view, and her train floated out in fan shape and covered Krivin's knees.