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The chair of Marylands rules committee told the Court of Appeals on Monday a rule change removing police officers names from online court records was an honest mistake.
Except for Autotelic, Gabby Alipe and Malaysian pop-punk sensation An Honest Mistake, all the performers were unsigned acts from the local indie scene whose musical styles range from hip-hop and R and B to jazz and heavy rock.
I will go to my grave knowing it was an honest mistake.
It was an honest mistake from Aidan and he's put his hands up to it.
The author, wonders how does one bet when there are no politicians who keep their promises and stands, and there are no foreign diplomats who apply principles, so one can easily make an honest mistake because it is hard to make a clear difference between the personal desires - to soon end this regime and put an end to the objective analyses that say we won' t be able to accomplish our goals, easier or faster?
No staff member should necessarily lose their job for an honest mistake.
That's the issue now, we can't accept that it's just an honest mistake.
It seems, from your description, an honest mistake and no foul play is at hand.
This was an honest mistake involving a fast-moving incident on 19th April 2010 in Harrow.
She said: "This was an error by a junior member of staff and was an honest mistake.
They made an honest mistake, as we all do occasionally in our professional lives.
Anybody who knows Paddy knows he has just made an honest mistake.
An honest mistake, but nonetheless one I thought I would point out, since I am an Arctic Cat owner.
Under those laws, we can prosecute those who have knowingly deprived workers of income - but, rightly, not those who may have made an honest mistake.