American as apple pie

*American as apple pie

Cliché quintessential American. (*Also: as ~.) A small house with a white picket fence is supposed to be as American as apple pie.
See also: American, apple, pie
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Add a baked potato, a salad and garlic bread, and you had a meal as American as apple pie.
America is still as American as Apple Pie," says Travis Bautz, Vice President Bakery, Schwan's Consumer Brands.
You may think that cowboys are as American as apple pie, but cowboy culture came to the United States by way of Mexico.
Instead of considering them aberrations, what if we considered the outrage, malevolence, and discontent of the people who commit politically motivated crimes--not to mention their goofiness, narcissism, and outright insanity--to be just as American as apple pie in the land of the free and the home of the brave?
The varied voices and experiences that make up this collection strike one common chord sung succinctly by Suheir Hammad (India): "I will never be as American as apple pie.
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