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American as apple pie

Exemplary or indicative of American life, interests, or ideals (often stereotypically so). Baseball is as American as apple pie.
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the American Dream

1. The belief that anyone can succeed (often with an emphasis on material gain) through hard work. The American Dream feels less attainable the more I am crushed by student loans.
2. The achievement of wealth and success. After years of hard work, we finally have a big house and successful careers. We're living the American Dream.
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be as American as apple pie

To be exemplary or indicative of American life, interests, or ideals (often stereotypically so). Baseball is as American as apple pie.
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*American as apple pie

Cliché quintessential American. (*Also: as ~.) A small house with a white picket fence is supposed to be as American as apple pie.
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American dream

the idealistic notion that Americans are preoccupied with obtaining certain materialistic goals. The American dream of home ownership, a car in the garage, and a chicken in every pot started in the early thirties.
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American as apple pie

If something or someone is as American as apple pie, they are typical of the American way of life. Jeans are as American as apple pie and old jeans show a touch of class. Note: Apple pie is a traditional dessert that is thought of as typically American.
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the American dream

COMMON The American dream is the idea that anybody can be successful in life, even if they are born poor. Part of the American dream is building a new business that creates jobs and financial independence.
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as American as apple pie

typically American in character.
1995 New York Times Magazine To reward people for something beyond merit is American as apple pie.
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the American dream

the ideal by which equality of opportunity is available to any American, allowing the highest aspirations and goals to be achieved.
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as Aˌmerican as apple ˈpie

used to say that something is typical of America: For me, baseball is as American as apple pie.
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Truth, justice, and the American Way

phr. & comp. abb. a phrase said in response to impassioned declarations about almost anything. (This phrase was used to introduce the Superman radio and television programs.) Sure, Mom and apple pie, as well as TJATAW.
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I assure you there is no nonsense about the Americans.
This new world has already enriched the lives of MILLIONS of Americans who are able to compete and win in it.
Ideas are no use," returned the American, shrugging his shoulders, "as the engineer assures us that we can pass.
It is probable that the petitions of Congress would have had little or no effect on the British statesmen if the violent deeds of the American people had not shown how much excited the people were.
In the meantime, the success of this company attracted the attention and excited the emulation of the American Fur Company, and brought them once more into the field of their ancient enterprise.
circuits = American "circuit judges" travelled from town to town, holding court in each and sleeping at local inns and taverns}
Richard Henry Stoddard, of American writers, specially knew and appreciated Herman Melville.
Thus countenanced, however, he obtained, in 1809, a charter from the legislature of the State of New York, incorporating a company under the name of "The American Fur Company," with a capital of one million of dollars, with the privilege of increasing it to two millions.
It still wanted two hours of dinner, and by the time Vogelstein's long legs had measured three or four miles on the deck he was ready to settle himself in his sea-chair and draw from his pocket a Tauchnitz novel by an American author whose pages, he had been assured, would help to prepare him for some of the oddities.
I don't know whether Americans are more SINCERE; I haven't yet made up my mind about that.
And this was the tribute paid by the American public to the master who had given to it such tales of conjuring charm, of witchery and mystery as "The Fall of the House of Usher" and "Ligea; such fascinating hoaxes as "The Unparalleled Adventure of Hans Pfaall," "MSS.
It was a beautiful summer morning, and in whatever fashion the young American looked at things, they must have seemed to him charming.
Fraulein Hedwig was gone, and Weeks, the American who generally accompanied them on their rambles, had set out for a tour of South Germany.
The American North Atlantic squadron and pretty nearly the whole of our fleet.
This fear was based upon what I had heard other people of my race, who had crossed the ocean, say about unpleasant experiences in crossing the ocean in American vessels.
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