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Me: "New York Approach, November 862 Alpha Charlie checking in at 4500.
The World Cup winner (above) was at Manchester Airport's Aviation Viewing Park to present the British Airways G-BOAC aircraft, which is known as Alpha Charlie.
Eugene O'Sullivan saddled his first winner of the season when Alpha Charlie (Brendan O'Sullivan) won the five-year-old geldings' maiden.
Decathlon 2 Alpha Charlie just departed Concord enroute to Pepperell.
Approach (Rapid-fire female controller): "Decathlon 2 Alpha Charlie, squawk 5145 and maintain at or above 3500.
The Fruit Bats, the Lilys, the Vells, Alpha Charlie - Indie rock, 8:30 p.
Pocketface, Basic Assumption, Alpha Charlie, the Rhythm Pimps - Rock, 8:30 p.
The Visible Men and Alpha Charlie will open the 10 p.
Other featured musicians at today's concert include the all-female Seattle pop-punk band Tart, Seattle singer- songwriter Andrea Maxland, Portland's DJ Velo, and Eugene's own rock trio Like Breathing and pop quartet Alpha Charlie.
Tart, Alpha Charlie, Like Breathing, DJ Sister PDX, Krist Novoselic - Benefit for UO Sports & Entertainment Law Forum, 8:30 p.
Miami Airlines, the Danged, Beard, Alpha Charlie and the Rhythm Pimps will be cooking up all sorts of sounds at the club, which has been newly outfitted with sound equipment, stage improvements and enough television sets to satisfy a 30-eyed monster.
Alpha Charlie, SoftCore, the Sleepover Disaster and John Barley will open the 8 p.
Alpha Charlie and Basic Assumption also will perform.
The funky pop band Alpha Charlie will play at Diablo's Downtown Lounge, 959 Pearl St.
The hyperkinetic Eugene pop band Alpha Charlie will play bouncy funk songs drawn from its new album `.