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Henry! Henry Aldrich! Coming, Mother!

A phrase used to call someone to attention (and their response to said call). It comes from Henry Aldrich, a mid-20th century radio show. A: "Where is that boy? Henry! Henry Aldrich!" B: "Coming, Mother!"
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Hen-ree! Henry Aldrich! Coming, Mother!

Henry Aldrich was a very popular radio show that ran from 1939 to 1953. The title character was an awkward adolescent who was forever getting into hot water with his girlfriend and his other friends. The show began with Mrs. Aldrich calling, “Hen-ree, Henry Aldrich!” to which he would reply, “Coming, Mother!” The phrase's elements became 1940s catchwords for summoning and responding, respectively.
See also: henry
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However, state legislatures considering 24hour coverage as a solution to problems with their states' workers' compensation systems should proceed "very cautiously" because some versions of 24-hour coverage will do more harm than good, said Aldrich.
With these strategic hires, Haley & Aldrich has expanded its airport-dedicated air quality practice in the US.
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Aldrich said, "The astronauts are actually allowed to have a small bag of personal belongings that usually includes things like a bible, family photos.
He was born in Uxbridge, son of the late Frederick and Mary (Baca) Aldrich and lived in Linwood, MA before moving to Dudley in 1961.
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When Ms Aldrich replied, pointing to her years of relevant private sector experience as well, the response read: "It's what they want for their business.
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The fact that this book is the second festschrift in honour of Richard Aldrich, the other being a special issue of Education Research and Perspectives edited by Clive Whitehead and Tom O'Donoghue, attests to the esteem and affection that Richard Aldrich is held in by even those who know him only slightly.
Rebecca Aldrich burst into tears when she was told she was in contempt of court after taking the snap of Sheriff Alasdair MacFadyen.
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Applications of the ddRNAi technology for research activities have been licensed exclusively by Sigma- Aldrich from Benitec Limited of Australia.
Aldrich of the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis and his colleagues have designed drugs to disrupt the microbe's acquisition of iron.