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um and ah

To be hesitant or indecisive, especially when speaking out loud about a decision. "Um" and "ah" are common filler words used by habit or when one is deciding what to say. Try not to um and ah so much when you're considering a counter-proposal—it's not professional. It felt like that guy ummed and ahed for five minutes before he gave me his order. Which was a burger and fries, by the way.
See also: ah, and, um


n. an asshole; a really wretched person. (A euphemistic disguise. Also a term of address. Rude and derogatory.) Look here, you goddamn AH! Who the hell do you think you are?


and hoo-rah
exclam. Yes! Are we ready? Hoo-ah! Hoo-rah, hoo-rah, hoo-rah.
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Ansar rarely threatened the Ahed goal, with Si Chiekh's late free kick the was palmed away by Hasan Bitar the closest they came to an equalizer.
Jeremy Boyd who instructed Dickinson Dees on behalf of the AHED board, said: "We were extremely pleased with the advice we received from Dickinson Dees.
District Court for the District of Massachusetts ruled that Ahed and Robotic FX misappropriated iRobot's proprietary and confidential information, violated fair trade practices and destroyed evidence.
BEIRUT: Defending champions Ahed remained hot on the heels of leaders Safa with a 2-0 win against Racing Sunday in matchday four of the Lebanese Premier League.
The meeting was attended by Cars Department Manager at KFH Ahed Al-Eissa and his deputy Khaled Al-Thufeiri.
While prisoner Ahed Issac Jaradat added that Etzion doesn't fit for detaining humans, as detainees are exposed to insults, health and physical impacts.
Cars' Department Manager Ahed Al-Eissa explained that leasing witnessed an increasing demand; especially after offers were improved to include additional benefits.
Ajman Ajman Club has agreed a year-long loan move for 23-year-old Lebanese striker Hassan Maatouk from Al Ahed Club in Beirut.
Mazen Tantash and Ahed Eid will carry the flag for Jordan in this week's Dubai International Rally, which brings the 2010 FIA Middle East Championship to a climax.
This is dangerous," said Elhamy El-Merghani, executive director of AHED, adding that around 76 children have been infected by this water.
PepsiCo-Jordan -- the winner of the King Abdullah II Award for Excellence/Private Sector -- announced its sponsorship of 18-year-old Ahed Eid, the youngest participant in the Jordan International Rally that will be held between the 1st and 3rd of April 2010.
Ms Humphreys, ahed 30, was found dead at her home in Leyden Mansions, Warltersville Road, Islington, north London, in July 1998.
District Court for the District of Massachusetts has granted in part iRobot's request for preliminary injunction in a lawsuit against former employee Jameel Ahed and his company, Robotic FX, Inc.
The 13-time champions last week registered a morale-boosting victory over the previously unbeaten Al-Nabi Sheet, who caused the shock of the season so far with their opening-day defeat of champions Ahed.
Palestinian official news network WAFA reported that the Israeli forces arrested Ahed Issac Jaradat, 23, and Nassar Atef Jaradat, 18.