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In spite of this affordance, we do not typically speak of looking through the mirror at the image.
Key themes Key themes Descriptors Instruction Teacher modelling Teacher/student moderation Reciprocal teaching; peer teaching Online classroom Student/teacher identity Student/teacher agency Student/teacher position and voice Edmodo affordances Portal for: accessing information; providing content Portal for distribution of: resources; knowledge; dialogue Platform for collaboration Platform for sharing through multiple modes of expression Platform for supporting: interactions; sharing of discourse; audience formation; authoring processes Edmodo constraints Need for self-regulation Need to set boundaries/ Netiquette Access Troubleshooting Table 2.
Latham identifies connections "to other texts that lie outside the object itself: an affordance similar to a hyperlink that invites the reader to construct connections to this and other issues of the magazine" (2).
Gibson (1977) described affordances as the opportunities for action intrinsically offered by objects, events, or environments.
Disciplining and managing orthodoxy, native resistance to indoctrination, the unpredictable affordances and effects of diseases, and King Philip's War in the mid-1670s all represented considerable challenges to the native Christian project.
Further, future actions of this kind may become less effective as politicians adjust to interpreting signals generated with more ease through the affordances of digital infrastructure.
To take advantage of blogs in rural educational settings, an understanding of the affordances of these new texts must inform English curriculum development and teaching.
McStay's arguments and philosophical comparisons are fascinating, but also where his overall aim fades until Chapter 10 where he brings the focus back with discussions of media ecology, media affordances, and transductions.
He assumes that "Each of these stanza forms offers different affordances, different potentials for use; each encourages or discourages certain interactions with narrative segments" (277).
Although the term is sometimes tied to actions, affordances can also be considered qualities of what we see, "the essence of what we perceive" and what is "perceived directly" (Collins, 1982, p.
Areas that have a high predicted likelihood of unmarked, non-intersection crossings could be targeted to modify the crossing affordances of the environment, increasing safety and meeting the needs of all road users.
It was yet another instance of Rodriguez bringing together a type of filmic experience of his childhood with the affordances of cutting edge technology.
0' (Lee & McLoughlin, 2010; Downes, 2005) and signals greater use of the affordances of social media to enable connectivity, communication, participation, and networked communities of learning.
Online communities of practice that focus on the various affordances of Web 2.
The researchers added that it may be due to affordances made by each platform, as Facebook allows narcissistic users to make friend requests directly, while Twitter users typically acquire followers by garnering interest in the tweets that they generate.