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4), 203, makes just as little sense: `I say this, that Abraham's bosom is true Paradise, but I also grant that the bosom of a holy man is Paradise.
He said the lifeboat was able to find Mr Husband within minutes at a bay known as Abraham's Bosom.
Although we in Britain have adopted some of the funeral customs of other countries, such as clapping the hearse, leaving flowers at the roadside, and playing the deceased's favourite pop-songs during the service, the obituary has remained much the same as when it first appeared in The Gentleman's Magazine in the mid-18th century, except it's now a lot less florid and avoids such awful cliches as the Grim Reaper, Abraham's Bosom and the Pearly Gates.
Holyhead's all-weather lifeboat was called out to help a fishing boat which lost power at the Abraham's Bosom cave, near South Stack.
The forest is his Egypt, his "land of bondage" Hassel precisely skewers Falstaff--he is "characteristically both flippant and informed about biblical matters," especially when he claims that Bardolph's "red nose" reminds him of "hell-fire and Dives," the sybarite who burns in hell while Lazarus flies to Abraham's bosom (99).
And if the saints being transported to Abraham's bosom looked a trifle self-righteous, that devil with a pitchfork really didn't bear thinking about.
During the 1920s lynching dramas appeared on Broadway (Paul Green's In Abraham's Bosom [1926]) as well as in community and educational theatre venues; they were printed in pioneering black publications such as Alain Locke and Montgomery Gregory's Plays of Negro Life (1927) and W.
And effortlessly, in a labor-union town with strong liberal sympathies, the Jameses found an eager audience for their imaginative versions of Peer Gynt, the black gospel musical In Abraham's Bosom, and Clifford Odets's incendiary Waiting for Lefty - a play that so offended the publishers of the Seattle Times that the daily newspaper stopped covering the company's shows altogether.