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ark ruffian

obsolete A criminal who boards and plunders waterborne ships (i.e., arks), usually with the aid of one or more of its crew, sometimes resulting in the murder of its passengers. Aye, but the waters are treacherous these days, and the ark ruffians make even the most placid trip a journey to be wary of.
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be out of the ark

  (British & Australian)
to be very old-fashioned My granny's hat was straight out of the ark.
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went/had gone out with the ark

  (British & Australian humorous)
if an object or method went out with the ark, it is not used any more These old manual printing presses went out with the ark - everything's computerized these days.
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n. an old car. Why don’t you get rid of that old ark and get something that’s easier to park?
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