a man of the people

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a man/woman of the people

A person who represents, understands, is in touch with, and is well liked by ordinary, everyday people. Often said of politicians or those who occupy positions of power, authority, or fame beyond that of the average person. The president was largely elected because she was seen as a woman of the people by voters. Now that she has taken office, her political mettle will truly be tested. The billionaire CEO has tried to remain a man of the people, spending his time working alongside entry-level employees and senior management alike.
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a ˌman of the ˈpeople

(especially of a politician) a man who understands and is sympathetic to ordinary people: The main reason he was so popular was that despite being one of the most powerful men in the country, he was also a man of the people.
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Here is a man who was the world's first revolutionist, the true founder of the Socialist movement; a man whose whole being was one flame of hatred for wealth, and all that wealth stands for,--for the pride of wealth, and the luxury of wealth, and the tyranny of wealth; who was himself a beggar and a tramp, a man of the people, an associate of saloon-keepers and women of the town; who again and again, in the most explicit language, denounced wealth and the holding of wealth: 'Lay not up for yourselves treasures on earth
People who exercise a little brief authority have never given a serious thought to the consequences that must follow an act of injustice done to a man of the people.