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Clearly she wants to hang onto her 15 minutes of fame a little longer - 16?
AN EARLESS baby bunny had his 15 minutes of fame brought to an abrupt end when he was accidentally stepped on by a television cameraman.
Unfortunately for Balls, he gained his notorious 15 minutes of fame whilst being a key advisor to Gordon Mr Casino Banker Brown from 1997-2010 as Labour replaced strident economic foundations with a new economy built on quicksand, and as a consequence of his baloneous advice given to GoBo, evidentially less about economics than the former postman which he succeeded as opposition chancellor.
LIKE Kerry Katona before her, Amy Childs has cottoned on to the fact that a follow-up reality show keeping tabs on her whereabouts might just be the way to go in ensuring her 15 minutes of fame will last well into 2012.
WIGAN chairman Dave Whelan appears to be adhering to the Andy Warhol premise of everyone getting their 15 minutes of fame.
A resident gets 15 minutes of fame and pounds 500, and the council make a load of money to spend wisely on books for schools, etc.
Surely a desperate stunt like eating a live puffin heart (I read about it, I didn't watch) means his 15 minutes of fame is drawing to a welcome end?
A Valencia resident and mother of two boys, 14 and 12, Tredick said her 15 minutes of fame were nice, but not her best experience as as a teacher.
Torquay's Kyle Critchell nearly caused an upset in stoppage time, but Glyn Garner denied him his 15 minutes of fame in front of the home fans.
I hope this is not a cynical attempt on the part of both to squeeze the last drop out of their 15 minutes of fame.
This is perhaps the most insightful treatment yet of the pansexual golden age of Andy Warhol, who turned a former hat factory into the breeding ground where characters like Holly Woodlawn, Lou Reed, and Edie Sedgwick prepped America for its 15 minutes of fame.
Your 15 minutes of fame: 'I would like to have 15 minutes of fame in raising awareness on cancer research.
Times reported that Stephen Jones, the Oklahoma City lawyer who had his 15 minutes of fame defending domestic terrorist Timothy McVeigh, was interviewed by FBI agents back in 2002 when Michael Brown was being considered for his first job with the federal government.
Prediction 2: Malaysian car maker Proton gets its 15 minutes of fame, easily 10 minutes more than it deserves, when it finds itself at the center of a tug-of-war between VW and Toyota.
Youngsters are set for their 15 minutes of fame tonight when the curtain raises on a special production of a Broadway musical.