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a throw

Each. A piece. You mean to tell me that these T-shirts are 50 bucks a throw? Sheesh! A: "How much did you guys contribute to Lucy's charity?" B: "Oh, $20 a throw, so hopefully she raised quite a bit of money."
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oh dark hundred

In military time, a non-specific time in the early morning, before the sun rises. Why are we meeting at oh dark hundred? That's too early to do anything besides sleep!
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a/one hundred percent

Absolutely; completely; all the way. I'm one hundred percent certain this is the best course of action. I agree with their decision a hundred percent.
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keep it 100

slang To maintain authenticity and honesty. I always try to keep it 100 because life is too short to worry about what other people think.
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the first hundred years are the hardest

A humorous phrase typically used as faux consolation, assuring someone that their life will get easier after they reach age 100. A: "Don't worry, honey, the first hundred years are the hardest." B: "And that's supposed to make me feel better?"
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a/one hundred per ˈcent

completely: I agree with you one hundred per cent.
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$100, £50, etc. a ˈthrow

(informal) used to say how much items cost each: The tickets for the dinner were £50 a throw.
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SAS 100 requires CPAs to update their knowledge of the company's business and internal controls, and prescribes procedures for carrying out this requirement.
A look at the numbers posted by the 100 Top hospitals as a group offers corroboration.
Contrary to the earlier prediction model, there was a significant trend towards lower fatigue values with lowering the TDI index to 100.
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The firm then bet: 6-4 Bubbly Rover, 5-2 Rio Riccardo, 3 Deerfield Sunset, 4 Rackethall Jet, Vintage Cleaner, 8 Blue Tex, 10 First Emergency, Spring Time, Who Knows, 12 Crack Me Out, Droopys Ramon, 16 Palace Issue, Farloe Club, 20 Salvatores Boy, Second Prince, Time N Tide, 33 Blind Spot, Farloe Cobbler, Lauragh Exile, Westmead Striker, 40 Black Head, Thats Style, 50 Arleswood Spirit, Bubbly Baron, Dower Leader, 66 Full Monty, 100 Towncalledmalice, Try Again Timmy, 200 Anhid Jack, Concorde Jet (others on request).