(one's) heart is in the right place

(one's) heart is in the right place

(One) means well or is good at heart, even if they don't always do the right thing; (one) is well intentioned. His speech at the wedding was horribly embarrassing, but his heart was definitely in the right place. I know your heart is in the right place, but you're actually being very unhelpful at the moment.
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one's heart is in the right place

Fig. one has good intentions, even if the results are bad. She gave it a good try. Her heart was in the right place. He is awkward, but his heart is in the right place.
See also: heart, place, right

your heart is in the right place

If someone's heart is in the right place, they are kind, although there are things about them that you do not like. Note: The heart is traditionally regarded as the centre of the emotions. Whether Johnson's professional judgement was good or not, I decided that his heart was in the right place. They've probably got their hearts in the right place but they just haven't got any common sense.
See also: heart, place, right
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You see, ef I kep' on tryin' to git away afoot, de dogs 'ud track me; ef I stole a skift to cross over, dey'd miss dat skift, you see, en dey'd know 'bout whah I'd lan' on de yuther side, en whah to pick up my track.
It 'ud be very pleasant to me to go in your company--you're such a handsome brother, and we've always been so fond of quarrelling with one another, I shouldn't know what to do without you.
I'd advise you to creep up her sleeve again: it 'ud be saving time, if Molly should happen to take a drop too much laudanum some day, and make a widower of you.
I wish more knew of 'em," retorted Smilash; "perhaps it 'ud lighten your work a bit.
Ye might get religion, and that 'ud be the best day's earnings y' ever made.
Only I think it 'ud be better if their consciences 'ud let 'em stay quiet i' the church-- there's a deal to be learnt there.
An' maybe it 'ud be better if I--well, I t'ink I kin look 'er up an'--maybe it 'ud be better if I fetched her home an'--"
I on'y says it 'ud be better if we keep dis t'ing dark, see?
Well, that is odd,' said Sam; 'it 'ud have a wery considerable effect upon me, if I wos in his place; I know that.
The two years at th' academy 'ud ha' done well enough, if I'd meant to make a miller and farmer of him, for he's had a fine sight more schoolin' nor
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