(one's) heart bleeds for (someone)

(one's) heart bleeds for (someone)

One feels sorrow or sadness for someone who is experiencing hardships. The phrase can also be said sarcastically to mean the opposite. My heart just bleeds for Nathan—his mom died unexpectedly last week. Yeah, yeah, my heart bleeds for you that you didn't get a full eight hours sleep. Meanwhile, I was up at 3 AM with a screaming toddler.
See also: bleed, heart

your heart bleeds for someone

If you say that your heart bleeds for someone, you mean that you feel a lot of sympathy for them because they are suffering. Note: The heart is traditionally regarded as the centre of the emotions. You looked so sad at the funeral and my heart bled for you. Note: This expression is often used ironically to show that you think someone does not deserve any sympathy, because you do not believe that they are genuinely suffering. She's had to sell one of her three houses? My heart bleeds for her! I must say, my heart bleeds for the poor investors who made a mere 15 per cent on their investment in one day. Compare with a bleeding heart.
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your heart ˈbleeds for somebody

(ironic) used to say that you do not feel sympathy or pity for somebody: ‘I have to get up at 6 o’clock tomorrow!’ ‘Oh, my heart bleeds for you — I have to do that every single day!’ ▶ ˌbleeding ˈheart noun (disapproving) a person who is too kind and sympathetic towards people that other people think do not deserve kindness: a bleeding-heart liberal
See also: bleed, heart, somebody
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