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al fresco

Outside in the fresh air. "Al fresco" is Italian for "in the fresh (air)." Kelly planned a wonderful al fresco luncheon for her bridesmaids. Wow, it's so nice outside. Let's dine al fresco tonight.
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al fresco

outside We ate al fresco under the olive trees. An al fresco performance of The Tempest was the highlight of our visit.
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et al.

something that you say after a name or list of names to refer to other people in the group This issue is discussed in more detail in the article by Cooper et al.
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Herb and Al

n. marijuana and alcohol. I’m afraid that Tom’s best friends are Herb and Al.
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talk to Herb and Al

in. to use marijuana and drink alcohol. (see also herb. Al is alcohol.) I’ve been out talking to Herb and Al—that’s where I’ve been. Let’s go talk to Herb and Al while we’re waiting.
See also: Al, and, herb, talk